Antoine Dufeu


I would. I could.
Well, nature as am I.


I would have died if I should have stopped but I couldn’t charge
another life.
I would have stopped and I would have died without any other virtual life (one thousand points). I would I should : « please talk to me ! » and I would I should if I would I’ve got ------- in a row plus ------- on my own plus ------- on my credit card for my entire life. Everything anybody thinks on my life, well that would have been a summary of my life during years by days, by years by days.
Please do not ask me why my little poor native tong is no longer by my side.

I would I should and I would have travelled all other the world as any other nomad of these tremendous times (fifty-fifty million miles). But I gave up. I would give up or I should. I would have given up once I should have but I failed again and again. I should have asked somebody to help me but I tried and I would do my best to keep the world alive. Well, as anybody else I guess I imagine I’m some kind of people emerging from the chaos.

I would you know each part of the world better than I can imagine : the sun suddenly disappeared. The sun ? Of course the sun ! The world famous sun and nothing else (what fucking strange a behavior !).

I would I could act unact and react as an ant. So I do.
I would I could live and die like an animal that I’m not, decisively not. So I doubt.
I would I could find out some way to understate love. The only one I’ve found, well : I’m leaving alone for pretty a long long while. Or it seems.


I would have stopped but I could have thought John Maynard Keynes. John Maynard Keynes or Gerturd Stein. Then I would have looked for some of his tracks, either in London area or in Bretton Woods area. I would I hope if I could have found precisely why Bancor failed.

I have been living for nearly sixty years in the countryside either in Macao or in death Vegas looking at rising waves of people living
without Africa (l’eau courante au robinet et l’électricité pour le monde entier, tout de suite) but maybe I’m wrong,
without Europe (quels droits pour les plantes de toutes sortes ?) but maybe I’m wrong,
without America (quels droits pour les fous pathologiques et les animaux non sensibles ?) but maybe I’m wrong,
without Asia (pas de transmission de dettes à ses descendants) but maybe I’m wrong,
without Oceania ( ------- ) but maybe I’m wrong,.
And now for sure this is the end : U.N. is dead.
Once and once upon a time there was the League of nations. The League of nations has died. I would I should if I would have been bought up like any other child of my times. This is the end where U.N. has died. That’s why I’m staring at the sun ; a day as a day as every other day, the whole day.